Terri Armenta/Forensic Training Unlimited

Terri Armenta/Forensic Training Unlimited

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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accountants combine their accounting knowledge with investigative skills in various litigation support and investigative accounting settings.

Forensic Accountants are employed by public accounting firms’ forensic accounting divisions; by consulting firms specializing in risk consulting and forensic accounting services; or by lawyers, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, government organizations or financial institutions.

Due to heightened awareness and growing intolerance of fraudulent activity, demand for Forensic Accountants is rapidly increasing.

Job Responsibilities

Most forensic accounting positions require at least one to three years of accounting experience. Many Forensic Accountants obtain this experience by working as a general accountant. Some responsibilities unique to forensic accountants include:

Performs forensic research to trace funds and identify assets for recovery

Conducts forensic analysis of financial data

Prepares forensic accounting reports from financial findings

Prepares analytical data for litigation and testifies as needed

(from http://www.acfe.com/)

This pdf is over 500 pages and contains valuable information and description about fraud, audits, forensic investigations, forensic reports, and more.

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