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Forensic Evidence: Types and Classifications

What is Forensic Evidence?

Evidence can be anything, large or small, seen or unseen, that is generally associated with a scene (in this case crime scenes).

As a forensic student, you need to know the types of evidence and what classifications associated with forensic evidence.

This introductory course will introduce you:

evidence types

evidence classifications

the value of evidence

explain why eyewitness accounts have limitations

the main goal of a forensic professional when collecting/analyzing evidence

After completing this course, you will be able to:

explain the difference between indirect and direct evidence

know the classification types of evidence

define physical evidence

know the difference between individual evidence and class evidence

This is a basic enriched course and includes video, ebooks (bonus), related articles, and evidence related case studies.

The course can be found at forensictrainingunlimited.com. We have many other online forensic training courses at our Academy.

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